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    CDC 2000 Revised AIDS Surveillance Definition

    "In adults, adolescents, and children infected by other than perinatal exposure, plasma viral RNA nucleic acid tests should NOT be used in lieu of licensed HIV screening tests (e.g., repeatedly reactive enzyme immunoassay)" (emphasis in original).
    "HIV nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) detection tests are the virologic methods of choice to exclude infection in children aged <18 months" ("Positive results on two separate specimens") (emphasis added).

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Reports 1999;48 (RR-13):1-27, 29-31.


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The HIV experts get around what they see at the maternal antibody problem by using a method called the PCR to diagnose HIV in babies. Which they say can be used from the time of birth. This test claims to find the genetic blue prints of the virus. The virus RNA or DNA.

I canít go into all the problems and wrongs of these tests. It would take too long. What I can say is this:

Itís totally inexplicable that babies can be diagnosed infected with HIV using a test that the CDC forbids for the same purpose in adults. Yet itís supposed to be the same virus as in adults. Especially when a mother is supposed to have just given it to her baby.