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This dilemma could have been solved many years ago if scientists had validated the antibody tests against a gold standard. That means by comparing them with HIV itself as proved by isolating it. But to do this first they would have to present evidence for HIV isolation. Which is still lacking.

Rather, when we analyse what HIV experts such as Montagnier and Gallo actually present as isolation, the data consist of a collection of non-specific findings, including antibody tests, all of which have non-retroviral, non-viral and other non-microbial causes, and which have been reported from material which does not even contain retroviral-like particles.

So in our view, in the mid 1980s laboratory scientists serendipitously discovered an antibody test but in their haste and under great pressure to find the cause of a new syndrome, and in disregard for basic scientific principles, announced to the world it represented a virus infection of the immune system and then recommended its general use as a diagnostic agent for a retrovirus which was never isolated.

Letís quickly move on to diagnosis in children.