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    THE "HIV" PROTEINS p41/p120/p160
    Montagnier considers p41 to be cellular actin
    p160, p120 in "HIV" WB are oligomers of p41

    Pinter AW et al (1989). "Oligomeric structure of gp41, the transmembrane protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1" Journal of Virology 63: 2674-9.
    Zolla-Pazner S et al (1989). Reinterpretation of Human Immunodeficiency virus Western Blot patterns. NEJM 320:1280-1281.


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And here’s another. The so called HIV p41 protein Montagnier says is actin, a ubiquitous cellular protein that forms the basis of the cellular skeleton.

And In 1989 Pinter and colleagues proved that two more of the so called HIV proteins used in the "highly specific" Western blot antibody tests are actually made up of subunits of p41. That means p120 is 3 X p41s and p160 is 4 X p41s. So now we have six of the HIV proteins being cellular.