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You donít need to be a scientist to know that whatever this represents, it is not pure. In fact the authors title their paper "Microvesicles are a source of contaminating cellular proteins found in purified HIV-1 preparations". Microvesicles being cellular fragments. And if "purified HIV-1 preparations" are contaminated with cellular material, obviously there is no such thing as purified HIV. In fact the senior author of this paper told our group this is the "cleanest" HIV he has managed to produce. And this material is used in the US AIDS vaccine research. The top two pictures, MN and CL4, are pictures of the cells cultured with material from AIDS patients. This is the "purified HIV" material which is used to manufacture antibody and other tests. Like the PCR. Used to diagnose babies. The bottom picture, MV, is the cells cultured without material from AIDS patients. The particles with the arrows "V" are said to be HIV but these do not have the requisite morphology to be classified as a retrovirus. One of their major problems is their size. At 234 nM in diameter they are twice the diameter of all other particles others claim as HIV and twice the size of any known retrovirus period. Which means these particles cannot be a retrovirus. The size discrepancy is not a trivial matter. Itís equivalent to all of Homo sapiens being 12 feet tall. It doesnít happen. We questioned the senior author of this paper on this point but he was unable to provide any explanation for his Goliath sized particles. And if they canít be a retrovirus they too must be cellular in origin. There is no other place they could come from.

So it is little wonder that scientists have discovered the proteins which are supposed to belong to HIV in the cells of people who are not infected with HIV.