Correspondence with HHS re HIV/AIDS Questions

In 2008, questions and concerns about AIDS policy and science that were raised by scientists and medical doctors were put into an easy to understand presentation.

That presentation was shown to officials, and seemed to be regarded as useful.

Later, a letter asking for explanations for ten of those questions and concerns was sent to the U. S. Health and Human Services Department (HHS), along with the presentation.

The full correspondence back and forth is given in the web links below

The easiest way to get a quick overview is to click on the link for Item 4, which shows the original ten questions, the initial response from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and my response to the CDC.
  1. The full original presentation.
  2. Letter sent to HHS.
  3. Response by CDC to the letter sent to HHS.
  4. Response to the CDC's letter above.
  5. Attachment to letter above.
  6. CDC's response to the letter and attachment above.
It seems that virtually none of these concerns, raised by scientists and doctors, have answers.

The logical conclusion is that it is long past time for a searching audit of AIDS policy, a policy that hands out billions of dollars each year to drug companies and to advocacy groups.

Recently, HIV co-discoverer Montagnier seemed to suggest [1] that a healthy immune system can get rid of HIV. If general health measures can remove HIV, why are we spending billions on risky drug treatments?

[1] Information and reference for Montagnier's comment on HIV and the immune system regarding Africa.